The Fundamentals Of Execution

The UPwards Leader

Basketball Tree 2

What do Larry Bird, Knute Rockne’s Notre Dame football teams, and Chik-Fil-A all have in common?

They all owe their success to the executing their jobs at a high level.

By learning about their approaches to fundamental performance, we can learn the value to performing at a much higher and consistent level. Execution is what separates the good from the great, and gives a solid foundation “point of differentiation” from the competition.

The best marketing plans, flashiest plays, and strategic plans will always fail and be wasted resources if the basic execution of the day to day tasks falls short.

Here’s some fundamental lessons from these examples.

As an individual, Larry Bird strove for mastery above his skills. He knew his athleticism was not as strong as many others, so he decided to train, and beat, everyone with a mastery of the fundamentals.

Knute Rockne, famous coach in the…

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